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Why Token Baskets

Token Baskets enable users to gain exposure to a group of tokens with just a single transaction, instead of going to exchanges
to find liquidity of each token. This further allows users to

To discover tokens via a themed Token Baskets

To acquire and hold custody of tokens through a single transaction of a themed Token
Basket instead of ordering on multiple exchanges

To balance out the risks associated with volatile tokens

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Creating Token Baskets

Exchange Token Baskets: Obtain a balanced ratio of Exchange-based tokens - Centralized and Decentralized exchanges - with a single transaction

Themed Token Baskets

Themed Token Baskets: Create and trade in themed-based Token Baskets, like “Decentralized supply chain tokens” and “Decentralized media & entertainment tokens”. Suited to users new to crypto looking to acquire a balanced group of tokens without the hassle of individual token purchase.

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Token Basket Advantages


A Token Basket is, essentially, a smart contract containing a select group of tokens, this contract owned solely by the creator. Ownership of the Basket is transferred only when it is purchased, and this transaction happens directly on the blockchain

On-Blockchain liquidity

Since the Baskets are basically smart contracts holding the underlying tokens, the liquidity of a basket is maintained entirely on the Blockchain


Buying into a Token Basket comprising of a themed/curated group of tokens is a singularly unique way of discovering and acquiring new digital assets.

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Creating Token Baskets

Step 1 - Ensure you have ETH/NEO and the underlying ERC20/NEP5 Tokens in your wallet.

Step 2 - Go to the Token Baskets page on the WandX app, unlock your wallet, go to the Create Baskets page and follow the instructions therein.

Step 3 - Once the Basket is published, your Tokens will be stored in a smart contract that represents the Basket, and you will be the owner of that smart contract until a trade occurs.

Trading Token Baskets

Step 1 - Ensure you have ETH/NEO/NEOGAS in your wallet to be able to purchase a Token Basket.

Step 2 - Enter the Token Baskets page with either your NEO or ETH wallet address.

Step 3 - Click on “Buy” to purchase a group of ERC20 or NEP5 Tokens with a single transaction. Once the transaction is confirmed on the Blockchain, the Tokens contained in the Basket and their ownership is transferred to you

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