ERC20 Token products on smart contracts

ERC20 Token products on smart contracts

Enabling creation and trade of any product built on ERC20 Tokens. Using the Wand Token, users can engage with smart contracts holding ERC20 Tokens, create and trade ERC20 Token baskets.

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Trading in Baskets of ERC20 Tokens

The first product on WandX allows users to create and trade in a basket of ERC20 Tokens with a single transaction, hence enabling users to hedge risk and diversify their investment. An application showing how this would help can be found here

Creating ERC20 Token Products

Using Wand tokens, users can create, trade, and settle Token baskets and other ERC20 Token products on the WandX framework on Ethereum.

Create markets for tokenized assets

Using the WandX interface, users can tokenize and trade digital assets such as loyalty points hence increasing the liquidity of these otherwise illiquid assets.

What is WandX?

How it works

Frontend to
create custom ERC20 tokens
Create ERC20 Tokens
to represent
any digital asset
Engage in ERC20 Token baskets created
on WandX with different
Baskets and
Create and trade ERC20 Token
products with
user defined rules
Engage with
contracts with
a user friendly interface
Statistical tools
for ERC20 Token analysis


  • WandX beta on WandX private ethereum network
    Primary ERC20 Token basket optimization algorithm
  • September
    WandX 1.0 on the Ropsten Testnet and
    Optimizing ERC20 Token baskets
  • Release of WandX Beta 2.0
    WandX Token sale
  • November
    Creation of smart contracts holding ERC20 Tokens
    PoC in one
  • ERC20 Token products such as
    forwards subject to regulation
  • January
    Release of the WandX 2.0
    Compatible with Ethereum Metropolis

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