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Professional tools designed to simplify your cryptocurrency management and trading experience


Discover, build, grow and manage your crypto asset portfolio from scratch from the app’s single-screen decentralized token trading dashboard.


Trade tokens issued on multiple blockchains and sign transactions from a single screen by connecting your trading wallets with the app.


Basket Protocol-enabled functionalities in the app help those new to crypto ecosystem discover digital assets reliably and hedge token risks smartly.

Advantages Of WandX

WandX is designed from the ground up to offer a comprehensive cryptocurrency user experience with accessibility and security in mind. The power of the WandX platform is in the design itself. You maintain your keys. You maintain your own security. All from the comfort of your desktop device.

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WandX: The Road Behind and Ahead

Looking back at the passage of events this year, 2018 was marked by moments of highs and hopes throughout.

Dec 25

WANDNEO Token Airdrop
Update: AION wallets are now LIVE on the WandX App

We are happy to announce that, in keeping with the roadmap, AION wallets are now LIVE on the WandX Desktop App.

Nov 28

WANDNEO Token Airdrop
Announcement: WandX DEX is LIVE on the Ethereum Mainnet

In keeping with the development plans, we are happy to share that the WandX DEX is now LIVE on the Ethereum Mainnet.

Nov 19

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