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Now Buy, Sell, Trade Ethereum based ARD(Accord) ERC20 tokens at Wandx Marketplace

Accord is a new digital currency on Ethereum blockchain, regulated by the ERC20 smart contract, intended to use as primary currency on Accord hedging platform (AHP). AHP is aimed to mitigate the risk available on digital currencies, and to provide the maximum trade profits withcontrolled risk by providing hedging techniques. Accord Organization is introducing an open source crypto token, named Accord, which is envisioned for use in Accord Hedging Platform (AHP).

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Accord(ARD) token is based on ERC20 Ethereum Token Standard and can be liquidatedThrough an Accord token smart contract. This means that ARD trading can be done through acentralized exchange. All the ERC20 Ethereum tokens can be exchanged to ARD token. Accordtoken will be listed on renowned exchanges and on Accord Hedging platform too.