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WandX is a multi-Blockchain DEX with a first of it's kind Basket trading feature on both the NEO and Ethereum Blockchains.

The WAND Token on the Ethereum Blockchain can be used to obtain a 75% discount on all trades.

The WANDNEO Token on the NEO Blockchain is a staking Token; WANDNEO can be staked within the WandX Desktop app to obtain a percentage of the fees created on the platform.

For example, if a user has 1million WANDNEO Tokens, then the user can stake those 1 million Tokens, and obtain 1/100 of the fees generated on the platform.

Find below the Token metrics for each Token

WAND: Total supply - 16million. Circulating supply - 12.5million. Type of Token - ERC20 Token.
WANDNEO: Total supply - 100million. Circulating supply - 25million. Type of Token - NEP5 Token.