Now trade your Ethereum based ERC20 tokens at WandX decentralized marketplace

Now Buy, Sell, Trade Ethereum based ORI(Origami Network) ERC20 tokens at Wandx Marketplace

Origami Network is a decentralized ​payment ​system powered by the Ethereum blockchain and ORI, ​an ERC20 ​token.This payment system ​ ​enhances ​the ​buying/selling ​process ​with decentralized ​escrow ​for ​secure ​payments, ​third-party ​dispute ​resolution, ​and very ​low ​transaction costs.Using the power of the Ethereum smart contracts technology, escrow payment management is automatized, and no third-party is needed to control the flow of money. The result is lower fees than any other escrow system.

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The ORI tokens will have multiple usage on our platform: ORI tokens will be a payment method (without fees) and a cashback asset,Origami will review it as part of the reward system. The customer is rewarded with ORI when its review is validated on Origami Network, it will allow ORI holders to be a part of the project, by getting voting rights on next features.