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Now Buy,Sell,Trade your Ethereum based HUR(Hurify) ERC20 tokens at WandX marketplace

Hurify is a platform to facilitate the development of Internet of Things (“IoT”) projects, including the matching of project owners with project managers and project development subcontractors, and hardware and software vendors within the IoT ecosystem. The Developer can add credibility to their skills by answering questions in the forum and by adding blogs related to IoT.

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Developers will be awarded points each time they post blogs or receive a recommendation for their answers. HUR Token is awarded as a reward when they reach a certain number of points. Hurify’s business model is built around the effective and trusted usage of the Hurify HUR Tokens within a Smart Contract Platform. HUR Tokens will be used for purchasing platform services, post projects in Hurify platform, and also used to pay for the Developers. And it can also be used to do ad placements on the Hurify platform.