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Now Buy,Sell,Trade your Ethereum based FND(FundRequest) ERC20 tokens at WandX marketplace

FundRequest makes it easy to fund open issues on any project, in any language. Inspired by the rise of the gig economy, we bring together developers and organizations requesting open source development.It is a decentralized marketplace for open source collaboration. FundRequest introduces an easy and secure way to reward bug fixes and feature builds on any project. FundRequest is a system for custom support that will boost the Open Source community as a whole – from developer to end user.

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FND will be the token used on the FundRequest platform. This token will be a token on the Ethereum blockchain following the ERC20 token standard. FND tokens are utility tokens. They will always be required by solvers, to stake towards an issue and solvers will always be required to hold some FND tokens. Initially every issue can only be funded and rewarded with FND tokens. FND will also be the first token to be accepted by the Skill Token Factory and the Skill Token Factory requires a small portion of FND tokens in return for skill tokens.