Now trade your Ethereum based ERC20 tokens at WandX Decentralized marketplace

Now Buy,Sell,Trade your Ethereum based ESC(Ethersport) ERC20 tokens at WandX marketplace

Ethersport ia a innovative online sports prediction platform. Based on blockchain technology and Ethereum smart contracts. It is a revolutionary decentralized platform offering an absolutely another betting experience to the players from all over the world. Combining a lottery and sports betting, EtherSport brings new rules into the world of the sports experts, making the process fair and simple for the players, profitable for partners and as democratic for all the participants, as possible.

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Ethersportcoin (ESC) is an ERC20 token built on the Ethereum platform. ESC tokens can be used as platform currency for buying lottery tickets; as an investment to get dividends - 15% of the raised money from each lottery; as a speculative commodity to trade on an exchange.