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SwissBorg is a meriotocratic network inspired by the decentralised governance concept of the DAO project and the reward model used by Steemit. There wealth management platform is comprised of a set of features: They aim to be regulated in multiple countries. And they provide B2B and B2C crypto wealth management technology, products and services. They positioning themself as a bridge between the off-chain and the on-chain world, there main objective is to offer investment solutions that suit both.

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CHSB (SwissBorg Network Token) is a multi-utility token used to participate in the SwissBorg network. Token holders benefit from: Incentivized referendum polling to decide the evolution of the network, A suite of privileges exclusively reserved to network members (early access to products, services and bonuses), and Additional incentives such as future airdrops. The CHSB token is also used to generate a Referendum token, called the “RSB token”, this token is used by the holders to make decision on the Referendum proposals.