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Now Buy, Sell, Trade Ethereum based BBI(Beluga Pay) ERC20 tokens at Wandx Marketplace

Beluga pay mission is to make merchants lives around the world easier. Beluga develops easy to use point of sale products that process credit/debit cards, cryptocurrency and cash.BELUGA Point of Sale, BELUGA Restaurant Edition, BELUGA Peer 2 Peer and BELUGA Payment Data suite platforms will enable transactions in Fiat and Crypto currencies. All of our platforms are made to run on a common BELUGA Blockchain in order to give a unified experience to merchants and to make their life easier

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BBI is a utility token which can be used for Beluga Pro membership purchase with advanced analytics and CRM tools.It can also be used to increase merchant deposit speeds, from three business days, down to one.It is used as a loyalty rewards. BBI token holders earn 0.5% on all transaction fees.