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ARNA Genomics is the innovative company bringing early stage cancer diagnostics based on human blood sample to the global market. ARNA Genomics has developed and validated in lab setting the efficiency of its product we call the “ARNA BC” – breast cancer test, based on the analysis of free-circulating DNA in human blood plasma.ARNA Genomics will also provide to all market players working with cancer a fundamental new way to access and interact with the clinical trials data collection and storage environment.

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ARNA is an open source cryptographic token designed as a crypto-currency intended to be used as a payment tool for ARNA Panacea platform members’ services as well as one of the payment methods for ARNA BC test. ARNA utility tokens are also used as a way for ARNA patients to pay for cancer screenings with ARNA BC tests at partner clinics and laboratories around the world can paid using ARNA tokens.ARNA tokens are used to pay for system interactions (data entry, obtaining access to research conducted, etc.) by all of its members.