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WandX Basket Protocol
Crypto portfolio management

WandX is a permissionless protocol that allows users to create and trade
in a composite ‘basket’ made up of different tokens - ERC20 or NEP5, the creating and trade enabled by smart contracts.

Key Benefits of Basket Protocol

Easy asset discovery, Risk mitigation, Cost effective transaction

Themed Token Baskets on WandX

Exchange Token Baskets

Buy, sell and trade centralized and decentralized exchange token baskets to participate in the exchange token market with a single click. Using this baskets, users obtain a balanced ratio of exchange-based Tokens in a single transaction.

Custom Baskets

Buy, sell and trade custom token baskets enabling users new to the crypto ecosystem to easily purchase a balanced group of tokens rather than search for liquidity of individual Tokens on multiple exchanges.

Debt Baskets

Create Debt based baskets using the Dharma protocol (coming soon).